Finlandia Travel leads on the
footsteps of Jean Sibelius

We warmly welcome you to join us on an unforgettable journey following the footsteps of our loved national composer Jean Sibelius! During the tour we will visit key locations along Sibelius’ life without forgetting his fantastic music and relevant delicious food. 


 The description of the journey

The content of the journey might be a slightly different during the summer and winter seasons.

We will start our day in front of the Museum of Contemporary art Kiasma in Helsinki (Mannerheiminaukio 2) where our guide welcomes you all aboard. Our first sight is The Sibelius Monument in the Sibelius park where we continue the trip to Sibelius’ home town Hämneenlinna by bus. During the trip we are going to hear the music of Sibelius – spiced up with some stories narrated by our guide.

Aulanko, Hämeenlinna

These landscapes of my youth inspired me to compose the Finlandia. – Jean Sibelius



In Hämeenlinna we visit Sibelius’ birthplace and will enjoy the athmosphere of the old house while listening a beautiful piano concert. At lunchtime we walk around a block and end up at the restaurant Raatihuone (Town Hall). There we will eat a wonderful, three-course gourmet lunch made with the best Finnish ingredients of the season.


We continue our trip to the Sibelius Center which has been established recently in honor of our master composer and is operating in the historic Wetterhoff House. At midday it’s time to take a rest in the National Park Aulanko and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Aulanko is the same park where Sibelius drew inspiration for his famous composition called Finlandia!


When the day turns towards the evening we move once again on the road but can’t bypass the Restaurant Krapihovi which was built in the 1800s and is located in Tuusula. During our short visit we will enjoy a delicious coffee break specially served to us. In the end we leave a farewell to Sibelius at his last home in Ainola in Järvenpää ending our eventful journey on the footsteps of Jean Sibelius.


We hope that besides exciting experiences our journey offers you also new refreshing perspectives of Sibelius’ life and his life-long work. We wish especially that when you return back to Helsinki you are a new unique experience richer than before the journey.


Krapihovi keväällä

Krapihovi, Tuusula

Genuine encounters, Finnish hospitality. – Krapihovi

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